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Personally, I HATE when people let their dogs out of a door as soon as it opens. I have my dog sit and wait for a minute or two whenever a door opens; I don't ever let him rush out. It creates situations where a dog will just push past you and possibly escape and run off. More than I dislike people who let their friendly dogs offleash, I dislike it when people walk their aggressive dogs anywhere in public without at least trying to train it to tolerate other dogs. After looking around, I learned — I worked at a Petco for about 4 years and I have stories about every type of bad dog behavior that has happened because owners simply did not take the time to do research on their animal or take the time to correct the bad behavior with simple methods. Dogs that bark extremely loudly and non-stop the entire time they are in the store are probably the worst. why they bring them in the store every time I could not tell you, but this one husky would come in and bark non-stop at any and everything while he was in the store and the owners would walk around lazily while making everyone in the store deaf with the loud barking. Or larger dogs with no sense of how big they are that would knock over children or adults even or jump up on people and push them over or just being a pain/obnoxious and the owners would do nothing about it but say "oohhh he likes you, sorry about that, he's too big to stop." Pet owners that would allow their dogs to urinate or poop or vomit on the floor of the store and then deny it was their dog that did it and lie to my face and say that they let their dog go the bathroom outside on the grass when I watched their dog take a dump right next to a display of dog food. I don't mind cleaning up poop, it was my job, but lying to my face about it is out of line. Dogs that acted aggressively towards anyone because they were not properly socialized to be around people. Most of them had lazy owners that did not do the research needed to keep a dog and then again failed to correct the behavior with proper socialization with humans and other animals outside of their immediate home. These are the kinds of dogs that would come into the store and immediately start aggressively barking and biting any other dog that would come near, or any child that approached that was just trying to pet the dog. again, why they would bring these dogs into the store where we have at least 10 other animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc) roaming around at any given time I will never understand. we had an amazing dog trainer there that charged very little and could do magic with even the worst trained animals and everytime I saw these people I would recommend they take them there but they got offended that I would say that their dog was being "bad" and walk out in a huff. its ridiculous. PLEASE anytime you buy a dog do research for at least a week before you buy an animal that you will have for upwards of 15+ years. Treat them just like you would your own child. unfortunately most people treat dogs like a toy that gets neglected after a few years and suffers horribly for it. edit: this is another non-dog behavior but it is a HUGE peeve of mine. I have a neighbor with a dalmatian that is , like most dalmatians, a bit aggressive. they have young children so what do they do? They leave him OUTSIDE ALL WINTER AND SUMMER LONG. I have seen this dog standing in 2ft of snow after tunneling out of its blocked igloo and barking frantically for someone to help it or feed it.

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27 Responses to “Dog Behaviors”

  1. Lyz Eaddy says:

    my biggest pet peeve is when dogs drool when they watch u eat

  2. TuffGirl Smith says:

    Jumping and climbing on you when you try to sit down in their house. My mother has a Vizla and an American Bulldog mix. Both are rather large dogs and both jump on you all the time. They never sit. When you come in they just knock you over and lick you all over. When you try to sit on the furniture they will literally jump in your lap. I am talking both dogs at the same time! I have a four year old and I am scared the dogs will see him as competition when it comes to his grandparents because of their lack of training and being taught who was in control and who was not. It scares me to think that they get so jealous of even a hugs between them that one day they are going to hurt him. It is bad enough with the knocking him down on the ground and stepping all over him. I have to rescue him every time we are over there. The dogs also wrestle very aggressively in the house and it is never stopped. It just scares me that they are going to hurt him even by accident. Mom and dad just excuse it by saying they are just so loving of them or they are just playing. Maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill but I watch It's Me or the Dogs and Ceasar.

  3. Kayson Robot says:

    I hate it when people let their dogs be food aggressive towards them and everyone else, whether it be a guest in the house, one of their grandchildren, etc. Plus it hate it when people let their small dogs (nothing against small dogs) bite other people and children, just because 'her teeth are so small she could never hurt you'. Plus when people let their dogs chase and nip at your heels when leaving their house.

    Someone I know has a Silky Terrier who eats nothing but canned cat food, canned dog food, and table food (such as cake, ice cream, hamburgers, candy, etc. ). That dog also bites her three year old grandson, attacks my 85 lb. Rottweiler when we visit her, has bitten me and a vet tech, attacked 2 dogs when they took her on vacation to VA Beach with them, and has also bitten her own owner! Most without a scolding. When she bit her owner, she said “Uh! I don't know why she'd do that!• And whenever someone asks her if her dog is aggressive, she says “Oh no honey, she's never bitten anybody and is the sweetest little thing!”

  4. Randi says:

    the number one behavior I can't stand that dog owners NEED to correct is when you are visiting some one who has a large dog that likes to jump up on people, especially children. Not only is it very dangerous for little one it is even more annoying when your wearing white pants with two big dog paw prints on your upper legs.

  5. Mary-Kathryn says:

    when people have huge dogs that think they are lapdogs

  6. Paulina Richards says:

    My biggest pet peeve is when people allow their dogs to sit and stare at you or beg when you are eating.

  7. Randi RR says:

    When they leave their dogs out in the backyard, so that when somebody walks by the dog barks like a maniac and tries jumping over the fence.

    It gets me SO mad when I'm jogging. >:-(

  8. Mindy Smith says:

    omg I hate that too. my friend's golden retriever busted her knee cap by doing that.
    i also hate it when owners let their grown dogs nip at children. >. <

  9. Mindi Smith310 says:

    People whoever feed their dogs from the table. It teaches the dog that it's alright to beg, whine, and drool in your face when you're trying to eat. Then sometimes when you leave the table, the dog just thinks it can jump on your seat and steal food off your plate because their owner taught them it was okay to share food at the table. I absolutely hate that. lol It reminds me of my sisters dogs. Also, her dogs have the same habit of running out the door right when you open it.

  10. Bright Eyes Nguyen says:

    i hate when the owners will walk their dogs without a leash and like we live in the middle of the forest and so there isn't really a street and then u might run over the dog and its dangerous.

    i also hate when the owners dont do something about their dog/s barking non stop.

  11. Mindy RR says:

    Jumping up on people!!
    Pulling on the leash!!

  12. Florida Jeffs says:

    when owners let their dogs bark for hours and hours without doing anything about it, its like they are totally oblivious to it. I knew someone who owns loads of dogs and when I visited they all jump on me and I always ended up with torn clothes and bleeding. I dont get an apology, just an “oh they are just saying hello”, no, your dogs are spoilt wildthings. argh.

  13. Mindi Robot says:

    bad walking manners. dogs that lunge at other dogs and keep barking and barking >

  14. Harpy Richards says:

    I hate it try to take my dog for a walk. (He's a St. Bernard and weighs about 180 lbs. And I only weigh 110) So you can see the problem here. Whenever he sees another dog he'll try to rush over to it. My dog is way too friendly when it comes to other pets and people. He always pulls me in whichever direction he wants to go in. But he's only a year old and is still in training.

  15. Valen Terrence says:

    dogs that continue to reproduce. . its a major problem that is very easy to correct. .

    People that let their dogs run loose and the animal runs right up to you when you are trying to walk your leashed dog. . . “oh he doesnt bite, he's friendly”. . what if my dog isnt??

  16. Marcalo Terrence375 says:

    I hate it when dogs jump up on people. My mom will not train her dog not to jump up on people and it drives me crazy. I am unable to train it myself since she lets it go and it doesn't get consistent rules. I also hate when owners reply it is their dog and it is not your business.

  17. Wiz Durham says:

    i hate it when dogs (BEN!) do huge poos in your garden and the owner doesn't even have the decency to pick it up.

  18. Marcalo Baghwan says:

    when they nip your ankles, jump on you, or sniff your crotch. very very rude.

  19. Sunna X1 says:

    When people think their small breed dogs dont need trained because they are just that. . . small.

  20. Ursula Hall says:

    i dont like it when some one elses dog is off a leash and just runs up to u and starts jumping all over u

  21. Mary-Kathryn Nguyen says:

    When they let their dogs hump you,when they let BIG dogs jump on you,and when they let them bark at you incessantly.

  22. Terry516 says:

    I HATE when people have off leash dogs that rush at people. I was walking a coworker's Akita (ON A LEASH) who is dog aggressive one day and was rushed at by a stupid man's two Labradors, off leash of course.

    Usually when I encounter another dog owner while I'm walking the Akita, I smile and say that my dog doesn't like other dogs, and the other person usually understands.

    Except this time, this man was totally ignoring me. I kept yelling that my dog was a biter and did not like other dogs, and he failed to call his off. The Akita was becoming aggressive and snapping at the Labs. The man was totally offended when one of them was bit right in the face and said “My dogs were only trying to be friendly, your dog should be PUT DOWN if it BITES. ”

    Ugh I hate stupid people.

    EDIT: Dog aggressive dogs need to be walked, too. If I'm minding my own business and walking my dog away from other dog owners, I should not have to tolerate people's stupid off leash dogs. Some breeds, such as the Akita, do not tolerate other dogs well. It's just a fact.

  23. Terry Lowell596 says:

    Yea, I know what you mean. the dog needs to be calm before he/she goes outside, otherwise he is just showing who is boss, him.

    My personal pet peeve is when the owner always gives human food to the dog. At the dinner table, watching T. V, while walking. it doesn't really matter.
    I just hate it, because than the dog begs and begs and begs, always wanting more. It really gets on my nerves because it is so easy to avoid/stop.

  24. Kayson Smith82 says:

    When they don't get their dogs fixed because they want their dog to enjoy himself, and they don't mate them either, so the dog is then frustrated an also too hyper!

  25. Lyz X1 says:

    I really despise poor dog park etiquette such as someone not watching for their pet to poop so they can pick it up or bringing a short-tempered dog that bites when easily provoked. One person at the dog park I go to has a male, neutered rottie that is semi-aggressive and always getting in little brawls. I have seen her endlessly, and condemingly lecture someone about how it was only because their dog was intact. Now I am 100% absolutely for fixing ALL pets and am personally against breeding them, but she needs to take some responsibility for her dogs actions as well.

  26. Andy Hall says:

    When little dogs bark constantly big dogs. . . . . not soo much because usually little dogs have shrill barks and when bog dogs bark it's like THUNDER!


    Also when ppl let their dogs run into YOUR YARD and acts like he will tear u to pieces. Sometimes they really CAN!

  27. Jasmine Camry says:

    I HATE when people let their dogs pee in other people's yards. It's so disrespectful!

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